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Client: Matrix Industries (2020)

Juno is a rapid beverage chiller. Thanks to a thermoelectric technology developed by Matrix Industries, it can cool any liquid from room temperature to optimal consumption temperature in minutes. Juno’s design is sleek and detail-oriented: its pentagonal shape and intersecting volumes reflect the interior layout and technology. Juno has three main elements: a cooling chamber, a front light and a rear volume. The cooling chamber is a pentagon with rounded corners and is tapered upwards. The three buttons on the top make it extremely easy to operate and to start or stop the cooling process. A silicone membrane inside the chamber holds the bottle in place during the cooling process. The front light strip adds to Juno’s ultra-modern look and allows the user to monitor the cooling process as well as the use and care condition. The RGB LED lights show when Juno is ready to use and they gradually change from red to blue to show the cooling stage. Juno’s rear volume features a metal case with a geometric pattern that fades on the sides. It houses a heatsink, two fans and the electric components, including the thermoelectric cooling engine (TEC). Juno uses the Peltier effect to cool quickly without hazardous chemicals or environmentally harmful refrigerants. It can cool a 330ml can from room temperature to optimal consumption temperature in about 2 minutes. Or a 750ml bottle of wine in about 5 minutes. The cooling chamber can fit bottles and cans of different sizes, up to the 90-mm (3.5 inches) diameter of a champagne bottle. Juno offers a smart solution to a common need. Its advanced thermoelectric technology is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its design is unique and user friendly.

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