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Client: Matrix Industries (2019)

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 is a smartwatch that employs low power electronics and runs off heat generated from the body, with no need for batteries or chargers. PowerWatch 2 adds a solar cell under a new color display, a heart rate sensor and a GPS tracking system to the PowerWatch signature water-resistant aluminum case and virtually indestructible 22mm silicone rubber strap. PowerWatch 2 is a significant step up from the first PowerWatch. It features a bezel of nylon-reinforced polycarbonate, a case of charcoal grey anodized aluminum, and a case back of tinted glass which houses the sensor and absorbs body heat from the wrist. A red polymeric gasket seals the case and makes PowerWatch 2 water resistant up to 200m/200atm. This unique combination of materials makes PowerWatch 2 light weight and resistant to extreme conditions as well as normal wear and tear. Using the multiple PowerWatch 2 functions is easy and intuitive thanks to the color display and the four buttons on the case body. The Matrix PowerWatch 2 is designed for sporty and outdoorsy users as it is perfect for activities such as hiking, climbing and extreme sports where energy sources are scarce and the body produces more heat. With its minimum energy consumption and minimal carbon footprints, PowerWatch 2 takes wearable thermoelectric technology to the full integration of functionality, design, and eco-sustainability.

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