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Client: Matrix Industries (2019)

The Matrix PowerWatch X is a groundbreaking smartwatch that employs low power electronics and runs off heat generated from the body, with no need for replaceable batteries or external power sources. Engineered by the American start-up Matrix Industries (Bay Area, California), the PowerWatch X uses thermoelectric technology that converts body heat into electric power to recharge the battery. The design of the PowerWatch X is tough and bold. The anodized aluminum casing is water-resistant up to 200 meters - a must-have for scuba diving, hiking, exploring and other outdoor activities. The PowerWatch X is designed for heavy duty. The ridges on the case act as vents, increasing the surface exposed to air and ensuring continuous power with every use. Four powerful screws make the case watertight. The bezel gives access to the smartwatch functions and is reinforced to withstand intense activity and extreme conditions. The 24mm silicone rubber strap is ultra comfortable and practically indestructible. The PowerWatch X is one step ahead among portable charger-free devices that use alternative and renewable energy sources, have minimum energy consumption and minimal carbon footprints. This profound integration of design and technology is a giant leap toward real eco-sustainability where users and environment are all essential parts of the product-system.

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