Industrial Design | CMF | UX/UI | Autonomous Robot
Client: Logic Robotics (2019)

Created in collaboration with the Chinese startup Logic Robotics, Uno Commuter is a UGV robot that can perform multiple functions in dynamic environments, especially outdoors, thanks to its functional, modular and durable design. Uno Commuter can be used for civilian, military and commercial applications, including surveillance, reconnaissance, mapping and monitoring of a public or work places such as large industrial parks, construction sites or logistics and distribution centers. It is particularly suited for applications where the presence of a human operator may be inconvenient, unnecessary or dangerous, for example extreme weather conditions or nighttime surveillance. Uno Commuter can create a detailed map of its surroundings, calculate a point-to-point route and adjust it to avoid obstacles such as people, animals or other vehicles. Uno Commuter features an aluminum chassis, 13” wheels and independent suspension for smooth and safe running even on rough, uneven terrain. The polycarbonate shell has mounting tracks that are compatible with different modules and sensors. Two LED headlights and one tail light make the robot visible at all times and signal its direction. The robot also features front and side bumpers, two easy-reach emergency brakes and a touch display to control the settings. Uno Commuter is part of the UNO series, a series of automated vehicles developed by Logic Robotics that integrate design, technology and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of life in both public and work places.

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