Viotti One

Product Design | Industrial Design | CMF | Speakers
Client: Markaudio Sota (2016)

Viotti One is a collection of cutting-edge high performance speakers designed for Markaudio-Sota, a Hong Kong brand jointly created by Mark Audio and Sota Acoustics. The speakers are a tribute to the great Italian violinist and composer Giovanni Viotti and their design reflects the artist’s unique compositional language: brio and energy of expression intertwined with clarity and grace of execution. These state-of-the-art wide-range speakers have a linear and polished design and use exquisite hand-crafted materials. Each speaker is constructed with a single, laminate wood panel, tapered along the sides and curved in the back, especially designed to wrap around and eliminate unwanted sound distortions. Each speaker has a dedicated matching stand that reduces the sound reverberation off the floor and enhances the listening experience. Each Viotti One speaker uses two wide-range drive units custom designed by Markaudio: the drive units have an aluminum cone profile, they are acoustically isolated from each other and each unit uses an ultra-sensitive membrane. The larger bass-mid unit generates deep, high intensity notes, while the smaller, high-frequency driver generates notes that are precise and crystal-clear. Advanced engineering meets exquisite materials and artisan craftsmanship such as the Asian-style lacquer finish which lends the Viotti One speakers sophistication, durability and unparalleled sound quality.

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