Concept:"Sensibility in Simplicity"

We live surrounded by objects: some are ordinary, others are iconic.
Most of the time, we don’t really dwell on them or wonder about their essence.
And yet, we feel the objects in the space around us and we value them,
according to our personal experience and individual perception.

This individual perception is at the heart of our design philosophy and language.
Since our beginning we have asked ourselves: if everybody is different, has their own sensibility,
their unique way of perceiving objects and using them, can there really be a universal design language
able to resonate with every single person?

“Sensibility in Simplicity” is a research project that is looking to answer this question.
We strive to design products that each individual will feel comfortable using in their own personal way.
“Sensibility in Simplicity” aims at striking a balance between opposing elements such as form and function,
simple and complex, essential and optional. This balance characterizes our products.

Our design is extremely simplified and yet deeply researched.
It blends universalism, timelessness and minimalism.

Design Director
Andrea Ponti