- Hong Kong-based Italian designer specializing in Product and Industrial Design
- International experience spanning 14 years (over seven in Japan and six in Hong Kong)
- Extensive portfolio for global companies including Panasonic, Philips and Samsonite
- Winner of iF Design Awards, Red Dot Design Awards and Good Design Awards
- Featured in major international design media


Andrea Ponti is an Italian designer specializing in Product and Industrial Design. Since 2013 he has lived in Hong Kong, where he founded Ponti Design Studio. After graduating in Product Design from the Politecnico of Milan, Italy in 2006, Ponti lived seven years in Japan. As a researcher with Kyushu University, he was on various internship programs with leading Japanese companies including Honda Motors and Mitsubishi Electric. Fascinated by Japanese aesthetics, he collaborated with Japanese design masters Toshiyuki Kita, Chiaki Murata and Junzo Yamashita. Ponti has organized numerous exhibitions and events for the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy on the theme of Product Design between Italy and Japan. He has received many international design awards, including the iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award (Japan) and LG Mobile Design Award. Currently, Ponti designs for several global companies including Panasonic, Philips and Samsonite. He also collaborates with numerous start-ups from North America, Europe and Asia. His projects are featured in major international design media.



Red Dot Design Award, Samsonite Hartlan**
iF Design Award, CORX Biometric Smartwatch
iF Design Award, SmartEar Anchor
iF Design Award, ORII Smart Ring
iF Design Award, Matrix PowerWatch
Good Design Award (Japan), Matrix PowerWatch
Good Design Award (Japan), Ommo Diga
Good Design Award (Japan), Ommo Torus
Red Dot Design Award, Philips HTL7140B*
Red Dot Design Award, Philips Fidelio XS1*
1st Prize at Jamco International Design Award, Japan
Grand Prize at LG Mobile Design Competition 2012, Japan*awarded to Gibson Innovations
**awarded to Samsonite Asia


Design Consultant for The Peninsula Hotels
"Shadows in the Windows" exhibition at Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy
"Design without Boundaries" exhibition at BODW, Hong Kong
Design Consultant for Panasonic Eco Solutions
Design Consultant for Samsonite Asia
Judge at A&D Trophy Awards 2016, Product Design
Design Consultant for Gibson Innovations
Judge at Roca One Day Design Challenge, BODW, Hong Kong
Design Consultant for Philips Design
Expanded his creative field from Japan to Hong Kong
Established Ponti Design Studio Limited in Hong Kong
Product Designer for Space Magic Mon Co., Kyoto, Japan
Product Designer for HERS and Metaphys, Osaka, Japan
Expanded his creative field from Italy to Japan
Researcher in Product Design at Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
Master’s Degree in Product Design at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Degree in Product Design at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Born in Cagliari, Italy


Ponti Design Studio is a Hong Kong-based product design company specializing in highly distinctive, brand-building and iconic design. Founded in 2012 by Italian designer Andrea Ponti, the Studio focuses on high end products combining technological excellence with emotional design language. The product range includes technology, high end electronics, audio equipments, watches and wearables, furniture and lifestyle products. The Studio also provides branding and art direction services to client companies in North America, Europe and Asia. Ponti Design Studio has a minimalist approach based on two principles: simplifying and reducing, while preserving appearance and functionality. The design process starts from designing the product - the physical object that is the essence of a brand. Subsequently, the identity of the brand is created around the product by progressively exploring and polishing the design language used to design the physical object. Thanks to this minimalist approach which focuses on the real essence of the object, over the years Ponti Design Studio has developed numerous collaborations with leading international companies such as Panasonic, Samsonite and Philips, as well as local companies, startups and universities.