Aromeo Sense

Product Design | Industrial Design | CMF | Aroma Diffuser
Client: Aromeo (2020)

Pandemic and lockdowns have revolutionized our daily routines. We used to have dedicated times and places for activities such as working, studying, working out, relaxing, and socializing. Now we do many of those activities in one and the same place, often back to back or at the same time, with no clear boundaries of space and time. Our lifestyle has become more fluid and that can make it more difficult to focus or relax. Aromeo Sense is a multi-sensory product that stimulates the sense of smell, sight and hearing of the users and helps them to focus and be more productive or to relax and regenerate. Aromeo Sense stimulates the senses through various combinations of essential oils, colored lights and nature sounds throughout the day. It features three modes: Focus, Relax, and Sleep. Focus helps the users to sharpen and maintain their focus, which can increase productivity while working or studying. Relax helps to achieve wellbeing and balance: it guides the users through breathing and relaxation exercises. Sleep helps the users to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up well rested. Aromeo Sense’s design is clean and minimalistic. Its round base is made of anodized aluminum and swivels 360 degrees. The oval ring provides a warm multi-colored light that can be adjusted by tapping or swiping the sensor on the top. The body contains an anodized aluminum diffuser with very intuitive control keys. To place the essential oils the diffuser can be opened by gently pressing its top.

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