Product Design | CMF | IOT | Audio
Client: ACE Communications (2015)

The human ear perceives a range of audio frequencies that is different for each individual: just as each person has unique fingerprints, each person also has a unique way of perceiving sounds. Even more so, each individual perceives sounds differently with their left ear than with their right ear, depending on factors such as the environment, age, and personal habits. The Aumeo Audio is a portable audio-tailoring device that ensures an unprecedented and highly innovative listening experience: completely personalized and tuned to the user’s hearing sensibility. If connected to standard headsets or speakers, the Aumeo Audio can take a 6-frequency hearing measurement of the user, analyze the data and store multiple user profiles. When playing from a device connected to it, the Aumeo Audio will retrieve the profile, “map” the outgoing sound and complete it with the frequencies that that particular user is not able to perceive. The result? An unparalleled full range sound and impressive audio precision: every user will be able to hear all the frequencies of any sound track, without noise or distortion, at a much lower volume. The Aumeo Audio allows Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm audio input and output, and micro-usb charge. In addition to superior sound quality, the Aumeo Audio has beautiful aesthetic design: it features an aluminum unibody case and commands that have been especially designed to be extremely simple, intuitive and user-friendly. It also has a sleek curved contour, a main knob that allows smooth one-touch volume adjustment, and 6 LEDs that dynamically light up when in use.

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