Industrial Design | CMF | Wireless Audio
Client: Enclave Audio (2019)

CineHome Pro is a 5.1 high-definition wireless audio system produced by Enclave Audio, a company specializing in wireless technology for home entertainment systems. Designed for movie enthusiasts and music lovers, CineHome Pro guarantees a 360-degree immersive sound experience thanks to six speakers (600mm front, 600mm MTM center and 400mm rear), 14 custom designed, tuned and matched drivers, a 10” 5.1 subwoofer (upgradeable to 5.2) and a hub for wireless signal control. The system uses WiSA (high-definition multi-channel wireless) technology, it can be set up in a few minutes and operated through various accesses (eARC/ARC, Optical, Analog 3.5mm, Bluetooth 5.0). The modern and slim design makes CineHome Pro an excellent fit in any room. The speakers can be mounted either on the wall or on their fitted base. Each speaker has a pentagon shape and is made of fine textured matte black MDF/PP and sand-blasted matte charcoal stainless steel mesh which protects the drivers from dust. The top and bottom panels are made of matte silver color sand-blasted aluminum and are curved to better enclose the drivers. The brand logo appears as a black silver tag on the metal mesh. CineHome Pro is a high-end home audio system that provides powerful immersive sound from a sleek, iconic design.

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