Product Design | Art Direction | Flatware
Private Collection (2016)

Dune is an aluminum flatware set inspired by experimental cuisine and molecular gastronomy: a culinary research lab that seeks to explore the technical, artistic and social aspects of cooking. In this multi-sensory conception of cooking every single component is essential: from cooking spaces and utensils to table ware and packaging. In Dune the experimental aspect appears both in the structure of the set and in the materials. The traditional flatware collection has evolved in to a more modern personal flatware set with a contemporary look and feel. The aluminum makes this flatware ultra-light and much sleeker than steel or titanium flatware, while the anodized finish makes it extremely durable and easy-to-clean. The name Dune echoes the shape of the flatware: in each piece the straight handle leads to a curvy transition that resembles a sand dune. The Dune package is freestanding and can be used as elegant storage or as a display rack to show the connection between food and design.

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