Product Design | Industrial Design | CMF | UX/UI | Air Purifier
Client: Sunlight Group (2015)

Mist is a high-end air purifier with minimalist design: a nickel aluminum cylinder only two millimeter thick that envelopes cutting-edge technology. The aluminum gives Mist excellent properties, including low weight, superior strength, high corrosion resistance, and easy recyclability. In order to give Mist its unique look, an aluminum sheet undergoes a long high precision process of anodization, piercing and bending, using a specially-made machine. As a result, Mist is a single seamless piece that reflects the light and colors of the environment around it. Its curved shape and matte finish make it look smooth and elegant. The control panel and top grid have clean rounded lines. The display is large and bright, and it shows only the functions that users really need. Air quality is shown in fine particles (PM 2.5). Inside, Mist contains innovative technology: carbon filters, and advanced engineering that sprays into the air a sanitizing vapor. Odorless and invisible, this vapor can sanitize any surface it settles on. Mist is high-tech, sophisticated and minimalistic. Far from cluttering space, Mist easily blends in thanks to its delicate shape and smooth material.

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