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Conceptual Design (2019)

Moju is a series of 5 indoor planters whose compact size and clean lines can complement any room. Moju comes from the Japanese “mojurā”, meaning modular. It refers to products designed to meet the users’ needs and adjust to their surroundings. The series was inspired by Japanese design and design language: the shape of the planters recalls the “chazutsu”, the Japanese tea leaf container and emphasize the relationship between product, user, nature and surroundings. Each planter includes two parts: a removable container and a base. The removable container holds the soil and the plant. It is made of black recycled polycarbonate with a matte finish and can be replaced. The base holds the removable container, collects the water and keeps the soil and the roots moist. It is made of recyclable die-cast aluminum with a naturally matte finish. In the Moju collection, straight lines alternate with curves and give each planter its distinctive look and feel. The planters and the plants create a unique ensamble of sizes, volumes and textures.

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