Matrix Powerwatch

Product Design | Industrial Design | Branding | UX/UI | App | Smartwatch
Client: Matrix Industries (2016)

Engineered by American start-up Matrix Industries, the Matrix PowerWatch is a groundbreaking smartwatch that employs low power electronics and runs exclusively off heat generated from the body, with no need for replaceable batteries or external power sources. This long-researched, cutting-edge technology uses the difference of temperature between the human body and the environment around it and generates a continuous energy flow that recharges the smartwatch battery. The design of this technological timepiece is inspired by dualism: its shape and structure enhance its thermoelectric engineering and nano-materials. The Matrix PowerWatch features a multilayered case, with a top and a bottom layer of anodized aluminum and a middle layer of thermal insulating material. The difference in temperature between the top and bottom layer generates the energy to power the smartwatch battery. The thermoelectric technology is also used to track and show in real time the calories burned and the electric power produced by the body. The design of the Matrix PowerWatch is extremely pure: the crown and two function buttons are built in the insulating layer between the top and bottom layers of the case. On each strap attaching side of the case, the top layer forms a grid designed to facilitate heat dissipation and improve the thermal properties of the watch. In these energy-conscious times, the Matrix PowerWatch is a symbol of a revolution where energy-smart products are designed around individuals: it shows the way to real eco-sustainable development. Matrix PowerWatch won the 2017 iF Design Award and the 2017 Good Design Award.

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