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Client: Salus UK (2016)

Salus RT and EP are two series of thermostats and programmers manufactured by Salus Controls UK. Seven models of wireless thermostats and multi-channel programmers ensure optimal temperature control, time and temperature scheduling and consequent energy savings. The seven thermostats and programmers share a contemporary design: minimalist and elegant, with smooth rounded lines. The case is made of matte white polycarbonate. Its pleasantly curved front offers a sliding panel that reveals auxiliary control buttons. The user-friendly display is large, bright and easy to read. The main control buttons are symmetrically located on either side of the display, and at the top of the thermostat. The graphic signs on each button are sleek yet clearly visible and intuitive. The same intuitive graphics appears in the user interface, where simplified icons and symbols help the users to navigate the product functions. Contemporary design and user-friendliness make the Salus RT and EP range of thermostats and programmers ideal for any home and any user.

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