We provide highly distinctive, brand-building and iconic design that resonates with the end users.

We provide design services covering the full range of Product and Industrial Design, CMF Design, Sustainable Mobility and Branding. Additional services include Packaging Design, UI/UX Design, Advanced Visuals and Prototypes. We help global brands, SME and startups to create and maintain a consistent design language that resonates with the end users.

We design highly innovative products that combine technological excellence with emotional design language.


Our design process involves in-depth research of the design language, detailed definition of the product function and user experience, careful selection of the materials, and review of the manufacturing process. We partner with a network of companies in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area for engineering and production. Our international team of highly-skilled designers can span from local to global scenarios and complete complex projects in weeks.

  • Industrial Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Language

We help global brands and corporations to create CMF and Design Stories with a focus on Sustainability.


Either as an extension of the Industrial Design process or as a stand-alone project, Ponti Design Studio helps global brands and corporations to create impactful CMF and Design Stories that resonate with the end users. We identify global trends and develop CMF strategies and Design Stories that meet sustainability requirements, thanks to our extensive experience in sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, and our cross-industry research on project-specific requirements.

  • CMF Design
  • Design Stories
  • CMF Swatches

We help visionary companies to shape the future of Sustainable Mobility through Design.


Ponti Design Studio partners with visionary companies to conceptualize and design groundbreaking transport solutions. We focus on highly sustainable, zero-emissions, electric vehicles. Our expertise includes land, sea, air and space transportation. Our technology-oriented design practice also covers autonomous vehicles and robotics. Our talented design team can work with both public and private enterprises on projects of any scale.

  • Conceptual Design
  • Transporation Design - Exterior
  • Transporation Design - Interior

We create highly distinctive and impactful brand identities that elevate our clients’ products and services.


Either as an extension of the Industrial Design process or as a stand-alone project, we design highly distinctive and impactful brands that resonate with the end users and help our clients to stand out among the competition. Our creative process starts from the products and encompasses all the aspects of the brand: we provide a consistent design language that conveys a sense of establishment to the brand.

  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design
We provide a range of additional design services to support our clients from the concept stage to the market launch.

We create highly distinctive packaging that enhances our clients’ products and provides a consistent and unique user experience. Our design process involves in-depth market research, careful selection of the materials and review of the manufacturing process, detailed analysis of the carbon footprint and production cost.

  • Packaging Design
  • Packaging Visual Language
  • Sustainable Packaging

We create UI/UXs perfectly in line with our design approach. We apply our consistent design language to both the physical product and the user interface, creating intuitive, harmonious user interfaces, and engaging, delightful user experiences.

  • UX Wireframe
  • UI Visualization
  • Web and App Design

We provide photorealistic, high-definition CGI, renderings and product animations ideal for digital applications and presentation decks to enhance brand identity, elevate user product perception, and strengthen brand awareness.

  • Advanced Renderings
  • Product Animations
  • Presentation Decks

We provide a broad range of prototype services to help our clients visualize, analyze and improve the products we design. We source from the most advanced companies in Asia to produce prototypes ranging from early stage 3D prints to high-fidelity appearance models.

  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Appearance Models
  • Functional Prototypes

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