Agora E

  • PDS
  • 2022

Agora E is an autonomous social riding electric vehicle designed to promote in person social interaction in Hong Kong while providing zero emissions, highly sustainable transportation. Historically, in person socialization has been at the core of human life. Named after the greek word for “square”, Agora E was inspired by the public gathering space of ancient greek cities, which represented the center of political, economic and social life. Agora E’s main concept is to promote in person socialization through a design that invites people to have conversations and meaningful interactions. The interior design presents a continuous, circular seat where passengers face inward leaving an open space in the middle available for standing passengers, a wheelchair or luggage. Recycled and upcycled materials are used throughout the cabin, minimizing the environmental impact of the product. Deep calming green conveys a sense of comfort while reflecting the concept of sustainability. The clean silhouette of the exterior maximizes internal capacity (up to 10 passengers) and minimizes bulk, making it ideal for commercial use in busy urban settings. The large glass panels allow for natural light during the day and unobstructed views of Hong Kong’s iconic cityscape, especially at night. Agora E is a concept that envisions the future of public mobility for Hong Kong and the densely populated cities of Southern China. With in person social interaction becoming more of a fleeting thought in the past few years, Agora E allows us to rediscover and appreciate the importance of human interaction in public spaces.