CASETiFY Custom Cases

  • 2022

Impact, Ultra-impact and Bounce are three phone case collections for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max designed for Casetify with both phone and environmental protection in mind. The three collections offer reinforced protection thanks to Casetify’s EcoShockTM protection technology, enhanced protective corner design, and increasing height drop protection. All three collections are also partially made from upcycled phone cases through the Re/CASETiFY Program and are wireless and MagSafe charging compatible. The design language of the three collections is consistently modern and minimal, with clean lines and rounded corners to provide the utmost in comfort, and curved surfaces for a secure grip. All the collections feature a raised bezel and camera ring which add character to the phone case. They also feature rope-like texture accents embedded in the EcoShockTM layer for additional protection and vibrancy. The polycarbonate backplate can be printed and customized by the user, while the raised camera ring highlights the Casetify brand name and protects the camera lenses.  Each collection also has its own distinct design traits. Impact has a slim form, with lean and smooth corners, for a minimal and sophisticated look. Ultra-impact features the rope-like texture more predominantly along the sides, for a boldly attractive look. Bounce has extra raised corners for extreme protection and a very outdoorsy look. Smartphones have evolved from being mere means of communication to being means of self-expression. With Casetify Custom Cases we wanted to create a family of products that combine protection, customization, and sustainability, and reflect each user’s unique taste and lifestyle.