CASETiFY Charging Stand

  • 2024

The CASETiFY PowerThru™ 2-in-1 Charging Stand is an innovative charging stand compatible with iPhone and AirPods. The stand features a minimalistic design language, with premium materials and a neutral CMF to fit into any environment. The stand is made of three main elements: a sturdy base, an aluminum pillar, and a charging plate. The base features a square footprint with rounded corners, designed to support the weight of the devices and to wirelessly charge AirPods. It includes a recessed tray and is printable for a customized look. The aluminum pillar, which connects the base with the charging plate, is designed to conceal the electronics and provide an elegant, premium look. The charging plate, visually enclosed by a black CASETiFY ring and adjustable for an optimal viewing angle, ensures a highly intuitive charging experience. The CASETiFY PowerThru™ 2-in-1 Charging Stand combines an effortless user experience with a minimalistic aesthetic, allowing for self-expression and customization. The design language emphasizes the concept of lightness, airiness, and elevation. The result is a charging experience where the stand almost disappears, allowing the users’ devices to take center stage and occupying minimal visual space in the environment.