• 2023

Introducing a range of highly protective cases designed for the global tech accessories brand Casetify. The product range includes MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods cases. All the products combine protective design with recycled and sustainable materials to reflect the character of the brand and to resonate with the end users. The design enhances the concept of customization thanks to unique printable surfaces, allowing users to add a personal touch to their devices. The design language is consistently minimal, modern, and playful, making them highly distinctive when used individually, and even more iconic when used together. The AirPods cases, available for AirPods Gen 3 and AirPods Pro, feature an organic shape designed to be comfortable to hold and easy to open with a single hand gesture. The Casetify ring acts like a bumper to protect the AirPods, while the carabiner enhances portability. The Apple Watch case features a protective yet ultra-light design. The aluminum ring emphasizes the silhouette of the Apple Watch while protecting the glass from shocks and scratches. The MacBook and iPad cases also feature a highly functional, protective, minimal, and multi-material design. With the option to be customized with prints and colors to meet the personal taste of each Casetify user. This product range has a special meaning for Ponti Design Studio, as it celebrates 10 years of collaboration with Casetify. A success story led by an innovative and ambitious vision in which design, sustainability and customization have played a major role in defining the identity of the brand.