CASETiFY Ripple Case

  • 2023

Introducing Ripple Case, an innovative protective case designed for Casetify, compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Available in timeless shades of white and black, the case distinguishes itself through three key design elements: raised protective corners, a 3D circular texture on the back, and an ultra-soft silicone build. The case embodies a design language of softness and fluidity. Its organic corners serve as more than just protective elements; they safeguard the iPhone against impacts and shocks, while also lending the case a soft, approachable look. The design of these corners also ensures a secure grip, facilitating convenient use in various contexts, whether on the move, indoors, or outdoors. Inspired by the ripple a water droplet creates upon touching a water surface, the 3D texture harmoniously balances form and function. Designed to enhance the MagSafe feature, this texture expands from the center and gently fades away, providing both a comfortable grip and a visually intuitive guide for aligning the MagSafe charger. Complementing the design is the ultra-soft silicone material, made from 50% recycled materials. This material gives the case a softer aesthetic, a stunning matte finish, and an incredibly satisfying touch. Both the premium velvet-lined interior and the purposefully-designed camera ring contribute to safeguarding the iPhone housing and camera from impacts and scratches. Ripple Case offers a fresh perspective in a market saturated with rugged and outdoorsy protective accessories. It proves that protective products can be both sophisticated and appealing, while revealing the user’s personality. With its protective corners, soft lines, and circular 3D texture, Ripple Case strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, making it an ideal accessory for every user and every occasion.