Fender Riff


  • USA
  • 2023

Fender RIFF is a portable 2-in-1 bluetooth speaker and amplifier designed by Andrea Ponti in collaboration with the Fender Audio design team for the iconic American brand loved by musicians and music-enthusiasts around the globe. Fender RIFF harmonizes sophisticated, contemporary design that is on brand with the company’s legendary look and feel, with an advanced, intuitive interface that delivers an innovative user experience, and an audio performance that is worthy of the company’s renown heritage. The RIFF is compact yet powerful: it features a 1/4” built-in guitar or bass jack input which allows musicians to “plug and play” along to their bluetooth connected devices. A touch interface located atop the speaker allows the users to adjust bass, treble and volume. The design was inspired by the neck of the Fender guitars: the control keys sit on a genuine maple wood panel shaped to deliver an extraordinary experience at the slide of a finger. More controls for play/pause, mute, bluetooth, party mode and battery indicator can be found below the panel, and a microphone port is located on either side. A RIFF companion app for iOS and Android devices gives access to additional features. The app and the RIFF onboard mic array, plus the mic on the user’s phone can be used to auto-tune the sound to any room, for great sound in any environment. True to Fender instruments’ DNA, the RIFF is wrapped in a metal grille with a guitar-pick shaped pattern and comes with a fabric-and-leather strap that recalls all-time rock legends. Its guitar-inspired strap, compact size and rounded edges plus its splash-proof and dust resistant materials make the RIFF portable and ideal for improv jam sessions both indoors and outdoors. With its iconic, on brand design, its innovative user experience, and its stage-worthy audio performance, Fender RIFF honors the heritage and embodies the legacy of the legendary American manufacturer.