Hyobodo Fiume

  • 2022

Manufactured by Hyobodo in Kyoto, Japan, Fiume is a traditional Japanese food container redesigned for the global public. A symbol of Japanese culture, the ojubako are tiered boxes used to hold and present food to share with the family on special occasions. Hyobodo Fiume revisits those boxes integrating the concept of Kyoto’s urban landscape. Fiume’s shape is a stylized map of the city: a square grid crossed by the river Kamogawa which marks the seasons and mitigates the climate. The four seasons and the passing of time are also recalled in the four stacked tiers. Hyobodo Fiume is handcrafted and entirely made of cypress wood. The square shape with rounded corners makes it comfortable to the touch and easy to handle. The red or black lacquer coating preserves the traditional look and feel, while the blue line adds a vibrant note. Hyobodo Fiume revives a symbol of Japanese culture, allows the users to organize their foods and invites them to make every meal a special occasion.