Hyobodo Fuoco

  • 2022

Manufactured by Hyobodo in Kyoto, Japan, Fuoco is a side table that combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship and aesthetics with modern Italian design and manufacturing techniques. CNC machining gives Hyobodo Fuoco its perfect proportion, rounded corners and precisely-cut edges. The traditional Japanese lacquer coating makes it look smooth, elegant and inviting. The fiery red hue and ultra-glossy finish add depth and boldness. Hyobodo Fuoco fits well in most home interiors thanks to its minimalist shape and compact volume. At the same time, it stands out for its dramatic lines and bright color. The Italian name Fuoco (fire) references the product’s visual features, with a connotation of hearth and warmth. Hyobodo Fuoco is a playful, modern take on an established craft: it combines East and West, past and present, and gives new life to a long-lasting tradition.