Inspired by Nature

  • PDS

  • 2023

Inspired by Nature is a collection of nine stools that capture the essence of the natural world, drawing upon the elements, forms, and colors that surround us. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted from recycled ABS, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. The collection shares a consistent design language, marked by a rounded footprint, a tapered silhouette, and a concave seat: a design that suggests continuity and mirrors the cohesive patterns found in nature. Despite this shared design, the uniqueness of each stool truly brings the collection to life. Every piece has its own identity, with distinct shapes and specific colors that echo different elements from nature. These choices are intentional, crafted to evoke the essences of the natural world they represent. The design of these stools is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating a connection. The careful selection of hues and forms is designed to tap into our deepest emotions, fostering an intimate link between us and the environment. Inspired by Nature embodies the idea that sustainability is about more than just eco-friendly practices. It is not just about employing green methods, but also about forging lasting relationships between our products, ourselves, and the natural world.