Jollying Pebble

  • If Design Award
  • 2022

Jollying Pebble is a collapsible suitcase designed to be stored in small spaces, yet offering great capacity when in use. Its innovative hybrid construction solves multiple issues. The hard front and back shells protect the contents without losing shape. The soft sides make it easy to expand or collapse the suitcase with one hand, allowing for hassle-free storage when not in use. Jollying Pebble packs only high quality components: durable pull and carry handles, ultra-smooth noiseless wheels, all-around zipper, TSA combination lock, and custom-made, water and tear resistant textiles matching the colors of the hard shells. It also comes with a unique color-matching stand for vertical storage when folded. Jollying Pebble is the result of extensive product research and refinement. Its innovative hybrid construction, distinctive design, and great usability make it ideal for modern living and traveling.

 Jollying Pebble won the 2022 iF Design Award.