Kodak Cherish

  • 2019

Kodak Cherish is a family of two baby cameras and monitors that combine minimalist design with an intuitive user interface. Each product is highly detailed emphasizing sleek and compact volumes without sacrificing functionality. A monochromatic palette highlights the products’ features and lines. The first camera is fully controllable by smartphone. Its unconventional combination of volumes gives the product a progressive and highly distinctive look. The second camera is manually operated and features a slim oval shape accentuated by sweeping curves. The main body is supported by a neat mounting stand for convenient adjustment. Both cameras can be used as table-top or wall mounted. The monitors have the same design language as the cameras combining unique silhouettes with contemporary CMF. In the past, Kodak allowed us to capture and save precious moments on film. With Cherish, we took this iconic brand’s analog trademark and digitalized it through a product line that celebrates your baby’s ‘firsts’ in a modern age.