Maruni Traccia

  • 2022

Manufactured by Maruni in Kyoto, Japan, Traccia is a collection of decorative interior wall panels inspired by the traditional Japanese art of paper manufacturing and printing. Maruni is one of the few existing companies that still produce Karakami: a traditional Japanese paper decorated with woodblock print, a skilled manual process passed on for generations. Maruni Traccia captures all of the sophistication of Karakami paper as well as the craftsmanship behind it. A sheet of washi paper rests on each panel, and folds back, revealing the woodblock and mirroring its pattern. In Italian “Traccia,” meaning “trace,” refers to the “signs” of a presence. These signs can be as simple as human or animal footprints, or as complex as the impressions or legacy left in life or history. Either way, a “traccia” shows the way. The original pattern is a modern take on the traditional Japanese imagery of clouds and Monsoons, and has a light metallic finish which adds brightness. Maruni Traccia combines the lightness of Japanese aesthetics with the energy of Italian design. By revisiting the traditional art of Karakami, it reminds us that the materials and processes of the past show us the way for sustainable innovation.