NOISE ColorFit Pro 5


  • 2023

ColorFit Pro 5 is an innovative smartwatch created for India’s smartwatch leader NOISE and designed with a focus on user experience and premium materials. Available in two sizes (44mm or 49mm casing), ColorFit Pro 5 features a bright AMOLED display to improve readability and enhance the visual experience. The aluminum bezel, robust and thoughtfully designed, protects the display from impacts while highlighting the silhouette of the watch and giving the product a premium appearance. ColorFit Pro 5 features two iconic islands on the side of the casing, visually guiding the user through the physical interface, which includes a high-precision metal knob, a multi-function power button, and integrated cavities for microphones and speakers. Branding elements, such as the NOISE logos and graphic labels, have been discreetly positioned to convey a sense of quality and precision without being overly prominent. The design extends to color, material, and finish (CMF) design, straps, and accessories. The watch is available in multiple CMF combinations and features a variety of strap options including metal links, Milanese straps, silicone straps, and leather straps. The timeless CMF design, combined with a wide range of straps, makes ColorFit Pro 5 a highly customizable product. In an industry where innovation is often limited to technology enhancements, ColorFit Pro 5 represents a significant evolution in smartwatch design. It proves how Industrial Design can guide the users through a more intuitive and seamless user experience, while elevating both the product and the brand thanks to a simpler yet more distinctive design language.