• 2024

Pailot, a startup specializing in AI-enhanced scheduling and planning for industrial manufacturing, has its roots in the technological heart of Karlsruhe, Germany. Founded in 2024, they collaborated with Ponti Design Studio to explore and define their Name, Logo, and overall Brand Identity. The project began with one of the most challenging tasks: Naming. We aimed to create a name that resonated with guidance and reliability, combining human intuition with the power of artificial intelligence. The goal was to conceive a name that not only suggested forward motion towards excellence, innovation, and sustainability but also one that was original, clear, and memorable. Pailot became the symbol of these aspirations, representing a new level of guidance, powered by AI. Transitioning into the second phase, our focus shifted to logo design, selecting a typeface, defining a color palette, and developing the branding essentials. For the Pailot logo, the intent was to embody the spirit of elevation, the quest for exploration, and the vision of breaking new ground. The careful selection of a typeface and an essential color palette was crucial in reinforcing the logo, establishing the cornerstones of a brand with a distinct character. The final stretch of our journey with Pailot involved producing the additional materials that are necessary for launching a new business, amplifying its global reach, and empowering business activities. At Ponti Design Studio, we are committed to a holistic approach, ensuring that every step, from naming to branding, is executed with consistency and a fine methodology. Our collaboration with Pailot has positioned them as an instantly recognizable name in the industry, synonymous with innovation and expertise.