• 2022

We always take for granted what is behind technological innovation that physically empowers life-enhancing products. This is why we partnered with STARTEAM GLOBAL, a leading PCB manufacturer, technology and solution provider headquartered in Hong Kong. Together, we created a Corporate Identity that conveys their vision on technology, mobility and sustainability. The extensive design process included Logo Design, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Company Presentation, Corporate Uniform, Photography Direction and Website Design. We started with the foundations of the brand by setting the tone and visual language, focusing on key graphic elements such as logo, color palette and typeface. In the logo, the corporate name in blue color gives a sense of advanced technology, high quality, trust and confidence while the departing red arc communicates dynamism and forward-thinking mindset. We then applied this refined design language to a wide range of marketing tools that truly resonate with STARTEAM GLOBAL clients. In the end, we created a modern and responsive website design, where the identity fully reveals the corporate values and the spirit of the team. Working with STARTEAM GLOBAL allowed us to learn of a more technical side to Industrial Design, understanding the importance of PCBs in product innovation. This project will benefit STARTEAM GLOBAL with future opportunities through a cohesive yet highly appealing Corporate Identity.